Unique chance in life

What was the world when Christopher Columbus opened a New World in 1492? How a person can build his own fate by leveraging all odds of failure and jump into an adventure that almost 100% of human beings would suggest too risky? What was his reputation, which granted him three medium size ships (Santa Clara, Pinta and Santa Maria) for this “enterprise”? How he pitched his idea to investors (Kings & Queens), who eventually provided him seed funding?

I believe today a startupper as human psychotype is the closest description of a person to what Mr. Columbus could be if he lives today. A person with big dreams, who does not feel tied by the risk and who knows that he can do what others could not even imagine. Here is important to put a note, that I am talking not about an average individual, who aims to copy someone’s already successfully tested idea. And I am definitely not talking about businesses, which have no technological advancement in their process or product and just aim to do something, but not too much. I am talking about adventurous people, who create previously impossible things. I am talking about those who invest millions and billions in R&D to test a hypothesis, which can change the world we live in.

In 21st century such people like Columbus are more likely to appear often as the society overall exalts them. The data sharing mechanisms provide velocity to success stories, which create demand and need for people who otherwise were too afraid of potential failure. Today such enthusiasts are ready for action and are willing to put their beliefs on the table. If one succeeds – the results are way above average. And if not – the learning curve experienced during this process makes one a universal soldier for future interviewers. But would they accept failure? Would we know Columbus if he could have second chance and become a trader?

When I was in my early school I met number of mathematicians, who were doing their research because they were passionate about it. For some people startup is a business, and for another startup is a melody they create to live holistic life. For them – the process itself is the biggest pleasure and the success is inevitable price they get for their efforts.


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