The real truth of startup life

The startup life doesn’t really compare with anything else. I know many people who said that life of a startupper is filled of highs and downs.  One day you are the king and the world is yours, and another: nothing really happens or you just are too deep into problems. But no one really explained me the depth of rabbit’s hole, until I initiated Discoperi.

A bit more than year ago I made a choice to build a company, the one I wanted to build all my life. The company was named Discoperi. Starting the venture was a huge bet, for my personal life, as well as for my professional career. Life of the top of a blade (meaning those who want to create something from nothing) is tough.

For instance, it is much easier for a large corporation with a billion budget to release a product versus someone like a regular startupper, who wants to innovate. In every sense: budgets, resources, clients. Though, it is still a good question to be asked: why most of innovations are happening outside fancy offices? And why companies like Google and Facebook, being the top-notch tech giants, keep looking for a “fresh blood” of new startups to be acquired.

Another good point is that working in a startup is not for everyone. Trust me, I’ve seen many people who claimed they could work in this highly unpredictable environment, and they just were burned out. For me, it is a truth only partially. I got the feeling that when I would launch my startup I would work less, than I did in McKinsey. For some extant it is a truth. I definitely may work less, but as in this area nothing happens, until someone is managed it to happen, I usually work similar hours with those in consulting. What drives me working this much is a both passion and responsibility I have today. Multiple stakeholders are looking on me 24/7: investors, clients, regulators, teams, competitors, etc. I love to make people happy and impressed with my results, and that is the same what I expect from our team members. Sometimes, it just takes more hours.

Passion. One needs to love his/her idea to make it real. Nothing can hurt an idea like someone’s laziness and slow motion. In the world of cave man one needs to have ether weapon or a fire to survive (both is much better). In the equation of startups: one can have both skill and will. Again, both is much better.

To sum it up, during this period, many sad things happen with Discoperi: some people went away, mentors said we worth nothing, couple clients refused to buy our offerings. During these tough moments, I clearly understood that the life is in the balance: there are black and white strips and we just need to be surfers hanging around them. To keep the balance.

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