Technology is changing everything

I was always a fan of new cool features and technologies, even though, I tried to be resistant to my nature for some time (e.g. my first iPhone (4s 64) I’ve got only in 2012, after some 5y the first one was released). Today, when I can choose what to do in my life, I chose innovations and technologies as a main focus.

In my startup company Discoperi ( we develop a solution for solving road accidents. Without innovations this problem takes 1.3 mm people lives every year. Very few famous people died in road accidents (just do a simple search and check for example: But this is far more broader problem, with which everyone is dealing daily.

So how innovations can help here? Well, there is a certain way, which people may leverage to solve the problem – finding all odds. Imagine if you know for sure that a particular driver has definitive level of risk, based on all his/her previous records and unique driving behavior habits. Having this data, you may feel yourself more comfortable with certain movements because you understand what to expect from the 3rd person. Thus, the overall risk goes down.

Let me demonstrate this with an example from my earlier life. When I was a kid of age 13 I played football with a “Shakhtar Donetsk” team. Since the very early days my level as a player was less than that of my peers, thus when we played an important game – they used to give me a ball rarely, as I could loose it easily. I was that a risk factor for a team of another 10 ppl. Instead, when I became much better player – they made me an inevitable part of the game, because a level of risk of my performance went down. The same system is applicable to the road. Knowledge is the key here.

But! Here is a trick. A person (a driver) can process only a limited amount of data in a certain period of time. Thus, if you would give him a full data flow about all the people around in a traffic – he/she will go crazy. Every second between 5 to 20 cars move around and one needs to process all the data about them? Naaah. If, instead, we create a system, which is able to process the data, and, based on the driver’s preferences, can provide us only critically important information in form of notifications about potential risk – this would be awesome thing to have. Right?

Correct! That’s what we do in our System EYE, produced by Discoperi. And that’s why in recent focus group discussion with Ford Motor Co. target customers System EYE received 9 out of 10 as a system to be used daily and that brings tons of value to drivers.

Now, coming back to technology we use. Without a strong tech background our system is impossible to develop. To hire and make the best talents shine, while saving people lives, we need to spend budgets. I have a personal feeling that our project, as it was bootstrapping in the beginning, needs to raise significant funds now to evolve fast. Every day that our system is out of the market some thousands of people die and dozens of thousands appear in accidents. I take seriously, because my personal need is to give this solution ASAP to my family, friends, relatives and people on Earth, so they can spend their lives without being interrupted by traffic obstacles.

PS. If you look to top-10 reasons of human death, among different health diseases you will find road accident. In my opinion – this one is the simplest to be solved. And not in 20 – 30 – 40 years when all the car would be driverless, but within a year or two when System EYE will be deployed on the market. We expect 2018 to be the year when we get in to the market. Thus, we will see soon how the life will change.

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