Discoperi goes for ICO

As many of you know, we at DISCOPERI Inc. fight against road accidents caused by risky drivers. And the best way to do that, in our opinion, is to give a tool for #making_roads_safer directly to DRIVERS.

We believe that the community of drivers can make it better and faster than any governmental institution. And if there is an appropriate tool utilized, it will make it easily.

Today I have to proclaim that we are working on creation of such tool. And this tool is called System EYE. System EYE connects cars into a single network and allows identification of potential risky drivers. Additionally, it allows storing data about ALL accidents in a safe and diversified way (as we use BLOCKCHAIN) and track all records with no chance for the data to be manipulated or faked, which is a crucial condition for solving the problem.

To engage with drivers even deeper, we expect to present our token – DISC. This token will be used to reward drivers for the valuable data they collect. Corporate clients (e.g. insurance companies, governments, etc.) will use DISCs for purchasing the data and evidences of accidents, etc. This will be a holistic ecosystem, where DISC token will be an integral part.

By doing so, we expect that within the next three years (which is an ambitious plan) we will enter to top-100 largest cities and decrease accidents caused by risky drivers down to ZERO.

To make this plan live, today we are looking for investor/-s who can support us. WE ALREADY COMMITTED 3/4 of the round, and now are looking for the rest.

Please, if you would like to make this world a safer place and beat one of top-10 reasons which take human lives – support DISCOPERI Inc.

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